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Request for Proposals

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION - “COVID-19 related winterization – procurement and distribution of family hygiene parcels (hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment)“

The COVID-19 pandemic and measures introduced to curb the virus spread, have disproportionately affected older generations and vulnerable groups. The effects of the crisis are complex and multiple, disturbing the economy and affecting particularly those at-risk-of-poverty populations, such as vulnerable older households.

10 January 2022

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION Supporting UNFPA communication and advocacy work on older people

Under the overall umbrella of the Regional Demographic Resilience Programme, and specific activities on ageing that are being implemented in the Republic of Serbia, UNFPA Serbia CO wants to enhance visibility activities in this area of work until the year end.

24 September 2021

UNFPA conducting the survey on loneliness in older people throughout Serbia

Loneliness is a key risk factor for ageing-related diseases and is detrimental for healthy ageing. A lack of quality social relationships is linked to increases in cardiovascular disease and depression, and is a risk factor for dementia. COVID-19 may have a profound impact on older persons, especially those older persons living alone.

30 April 2021

Designing and editing UNFPA visual content


UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following service: “Designing and editing UNFPA visual content”

13 April 2021

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION Research about Sexual and Reproductive Health in times of COVID-19, as a part of the International Sexual Health and Reproductive health (I-SHARE) study in Serbia.


UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following service:

22 February 2021

Depopulation Data Challenge: Examining Depopulation Through a New Lens

What does depopulation really mean for Serbia? Think about developmental impact and opportunities of depopulation as well as all the alternative data sources you can use to tackle this question.

29 February 2020