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11 October 2021

Girls work to make gender equality a reality

“I want to encourage communication about menstruation,” said Azra Komarica, a 19-year-old girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina. “It’s still a taboo topic.” Ms. Komarica is part of a mentorship based... Read more

11 July 2021

Birth rates dipped further when COVID-19 hit. But it’s time to stop worrying about numbers.

The focus on birth rates misses the point, writes Alanna Armitage on today’s World Population Day. What matters is building countries where people want to stay, live and have families. The COVID-... Read more

1 July 2021

Bodily autonomy is a human right

In April this year, Aizada Kanatbekova, a young woman of 27 years, was abducted by a group of men in broad daylight as she walked on the street in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The men forced... Read more

10 June 2021

Hab za tate u Srbiji!

Mikser organizacija i Populacioni fond Ujedinjenih nacija (UNFPA) najavili su saradnju na temu virtuelnog i interaktivnog prostora za očeve – “Hab za tate”. Inicijativa za stvaranje ovakvog prostora... Read more

18 March 2021
Photo courtesy of Dmitry Kostyukov for The New York Times

COVID-19 created unexpected opportunities for depopulating countries of South-East Europe – new UNFPA brief

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unexpected opportunities, even in rural areas, for the countries of South-East European struggling with population decrease, according to a new brief published today... Read more

18 March 2021

Rural-urban collaboration gives new life to once-dying Serbian village

The village of Vrmdza, in south-east Serbia. VRMDZA, Serbia — Until a few years ago, there was nothing to distinguish Vrmdza from a thousand other dying Serbian villages. Though picturesque and... Read more

8 March 2021

“Women’s Day Coffee Jamming”: an opportunity for sharing, inspiration and support

Education, employment, solidarity with each other and good communication are crucial for the status of women, whose empowerment must be in focus in the future, noted Serbia Women's Day Coffee Jamming... Read more

10 July 2020

What’s next? World Population Day

The COVID19 crisis has taken a staggering toll on people, communities and economies everywhere. Yet not everyone is affected equally, and as we so often see, women and girls tend to suffer most. The... Read more

18 June 2020

“I am sorry I am late on my payment”

  The state of emergency and the epidemic have been going on for six weeks already. In the age of corona different people have different reactions – some are scared, some are angry, some are... Read more

11 June 2020

Physical distancing for me means emotional closeness

"So many years I’ve lived in this village, I have lost count myself. I’ve lived in poverty, alone, forgotten by my relatives, friends, the whole world. It feels like I’ve spent 80 years in this... Read more