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The COVID-19 pandemic and measures introduced to curb the virus spread, have disproportionately affected older generations and vulnerable groups. The effects of the crisis are complex and multiple, disturbing the economy and affecting particularly those at-risk-of-poverty populations, such as vulnerable older households. In alignment with the need for recovery actions, the Social Housing and Active Inclusion Programme (SHAI) program, funded by the EU and implemented by the UNOPS, is designed to strengthen the capacities at the national and local level for social housing programs accompanied by social inclusion measures for the most vulnerable beneficiaries in Serbia.

As part of its ongoing portfolio activities targeting specific situations of older persons, and in line with its unique mandate, UNFPA will support 5 selected municipalities in Serbia (Babusnica, Bela Palanka, Bosilegrad, Golubac and Svrljig) through procurement of family hygiene kits and protective equipment (face masks and gloves). Six Red Cross branches in Serbia (Sombor, Uzice, Kragujevac, Zajecar, Boljevac and Subotica) will also be supported through procurement of protective equipment (face masks and gloves).

1. About UNFPA and Purpose of work

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the United Nations agency focused on sexual and reproductive health, youth issues and population dynamics. In the area of population dynamics, the UNFPA helps countries identify and understand main population trends, which are critical to sustainable development. UNFPA works to raise awareness about population aging and the need to harness its opportunities and address its challenges. It has long experience promoting the rights, protection and health
of older persons for decades, advocating for the rights and health of older persons in emergency contexts, including UN COVID-19 Response.

2. Service Requirements/Terms of Reference (ToR)

Background information:

The SHAI project envisages to identify 500 vulnerable older households (single older persons or older couples) in 5 selected municipalities and to provide them with standard family hygiene parcels and protective masks and gloves aimed to support protecting their health and hygiene during COVID-19 crisis through the winter period. Criteria for selection of beneficiaries take into account the data showing that older persons in Serbia are at a significantly higher risk of poverty and material deprivation than their peers in the EU as well as younger generations in Serbia.

The family hygiene kits (500 pcs) and protective equipment - face masks (14,700 pieces) and gloves (14,700 pairs) will be provided to: Babusnica, Bela Palanka, Bosilegrad, Golubac and Svrljig. 

● Work will be done under the overall supervision and guidance by the Head of the Office while direct supervision will be done by the PD Programme Analyst;
● For all delays in the completion of the tasks, the contractor should notify the PD Programme Analyst and the UNFPA Serbia Head of Office stating the reasons for the delay and proposing alternative actions or dates for completion of the deliverables.

3. Questions

Questions or requests for further clarifications should be submitted in writing to the contact person below:
Name of contact person(s): Tina Anicic
Email address of contact person:
The deadline for submission of questions is 11.01.2022, 17h CET (COB). Questions will be answered in writing and shared with all parties as soon as possible after this deadline.

4. Content of quotations

Quotations should be submitted in a single email whenever possible, depending on file size. Quotations must contain:
a) Technical proposal, including the following technical requirements:
● Legal requirements and experience:
- Officially registered legal entity for the scope of work requested by the terms of reference;
- At least 1 year of experience in the procurement and distribution of items that are the subject
of purchase.