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This report was created to analyse the situation and the quality of life of older persons in Serbia during the epidemic of COVID-19 and especially during the state of emergency in Serbia between 16 March and 6 May 2020.

Based on the analysis of all the available data collected from older persons, experts, service providers, independent regulatory bodies and decision-makers, focusing on access to services and reviewing it using the rights-based approach and the “leave no one behind” principle, a set of recommendations was developed for public policy makers and civil society.

These recommendations should contribute to decreasing the vulnerability of and risks for older persons in future epidemics, emergencies and crises. The lessons learned from the COVID-19 epidemic and response, the identified challenges and gaps brought to light, the way support systems in society transformed to respond to the emergency, all these should not be viewed as a mere reaction to the concrete pandemic, but be built into the development plans under the Agenda 2030 to build inclusive and adaptable systems that will not only mitigate the immediate effects of an emergency but contribute to building resilience in society.