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Every individual, every society, holds prejudices. Directly or indirectly, these prejudices above all affect the lives and destinies of those who are the most vulnerable, those who are marginalised, and those who are the minority. However, they also impact the wellbeing of an entire society.

This collection of life stories narrates situations about the lives and destinies of those who are often forgotten, pushed aside, or living on the edge of existence – about women.

Women are the pillars of every society. Nonetheless, they suffer from discrimination in their private as well as professional lives. Stories told here reveal the everyday life of women who are discriminated against for reasons of nationality, ethnicity, disability, and old age.

The life stories of these women tell about their strength, entrepreneurship, initiative and struggle to help themselves, their families, and their communities regardless of the innumerable hurdles they encounter. These women are initiators of change, and serve as living examples and beacons, guiding us to what can and should be.

Share a story, be part of positive changes, without prejudice.