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Bearing in mind the discussion at the National Dialogue on Ageing and Ageism held on 27 September in Belgrade, the situation and recommendations from the Special Report on Discrimination against Older People of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality,

– Taking into account the wide diversity of older people and the different needs of certain groups, especially older women, “older” older persons, those living alone, in rural areas or in remote areas, poor or at risk of poverty, those who are exposed to disrespect, discrimination, neglect, abuse or violence,

– Considering the overall demographic trends in Europe, our region and Serbia - in which one in 5 citizens (over 20%) is older than 65, with a declining trend of population growth and increasing life expectancy as one of the greatest civilizational achievements,

– Facing multiple challenges including on pension and disability insurance, health and social protection systems,

– Acknowledging modern social values, the pace of technical and technological changes, as well as the changes in patterns of behavior that favor speed, looks, “terror of youth” and instant solutions in many aspects of life, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, UNFPA and other stakeholders call to STOP AGEISM, for the full inclusion and realization of the human rights of all older persons.