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Intending to reach significant number of young people, the United Nations Population Fund in Serbia, together with the Youth Team of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights and the Institute for Students Healthcare  Belgrade, launched a podcast, bering in mind increasing popularity of the podcast among the young population due to the possibility of consuming educational content on the go while walking the dog or in transport.

Therefore, the Belgrade Center for Human Rights initiated  "Take care of me," an educational podcast dedicated to young people's health and health literacy. However, that is not all! For the content of the podcast to communicate even better and more relevantly with its audience, young people had the opportunity to set the topics. With the support of health professionals, the podcast talks about reproductive, sexual, and mental health, dermatological and endocrinological problems physical activity, proper nutrition, and other topics of interest to young people.

The podcast's guests share their first-hand stories and dispel myths and stigmas, and the expert  team from the Institute for Students Healthcare provides reliable information and  practical advice.

The podcast started broadcasting in June 2022 and lasted all summer. During that period, young people had the opportunity to send their questions and suggestions to the mail , which is still open for inquiries.

The very name of the podcast comes from the desire to - not only take care of each other - but, first of all, to teach young people how to take care of their health and body.


The podcast is accessible to everyone on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, and Mixcloud.

Educational and social media visuals related to the topics covered by the podcast have reached over 16,000 people, and there are currently over 1,600 listens on the mentioned platforms.

The United Nations Population Fund and its partners continuously work on educating young people on their health and responsible healths behavior , and increasing availability of reliable information about all topics of interest.