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As every year, January 2022 was very special for UNFPA Serbia, Ministry of Health of Serbia and Institute for Public Health “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”. We put all of our strength together to mark European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. But this year it was important to be on the streets, shopping malls and parks to reach as many people as possible, and directly influence girls, women, and whole communities, to hear, to learn, and to spread a word about the importance of cervical cancer prevention.

Both informational campaigns and raising awareness were at the top of all activities that prolonged to the whole January across Serbia. As one of the most present diseases amongst women in the reproductive age in eastern Europe and central Asia and the 2nd most deadly cancer among women of reproductive age in the EECA region, but preventable up to 80%, it was important to highlight the importance of education about cervical cancer prevention.

Cervical Cancer Action in Kragujevac, Serbia

Two educational trainings for educators, medical students and Red Cross volunteers were organised with International Federation of Medical Students` Associations (IFMSA Serbia). The two trainings covered over 200 young people who further contributed to greater awareness and a significance of prevention. These young experts got the chance to spread the word about the significance of the prevention of cervical cancer in five cities in Serbia. Informational sessions in the streets of Belgrade, Kosovska Mitrovica, Kragujevac, Nis, Novi Sad, informed and raised awareness in order to reduce deaths and leave no one behind.

All activities were promoted on social networks of UNFPA Serbia and International Federation of Medical Students` Associations. UNFPA Serbia published 18 posts during January, collecting 228 reactions in total and reaching 5.763 social media users. Belgrade turns turquoise green to mark European Week of Cervical Cancer Prevention. Important buildings in Belgrade were in the light of the cervical cancer prevention color to have the message of cervical cancer prevention as visible as possible for everyone. With medical students, the Ministry of Health of Serbia and Institute for Public Health “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”, UNFPA Serbia supported a more informed and healthier future for all women, and thus for the whole society.