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Belgrade, 16 April- During conflicts, natural disasters and other emergencies, sexual and reproductive health needs can be overlooked – with staggering consequences. With a goal of determening currnet needs, UNFPA and Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia developed a progess report on current needs and recommendation for the improvement titled Assessment of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender Based Violence Needs in Crisis and Emergency Areas – (Progress Report and Recommendations).

The aim of this report was to assess, based on the collected data, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Gender Based Violence (GBV) needs in crisis and emergency areas, progress and developments related to SRH and GBV and provide recommendations for improvements in this field in the context of the ongoing flow of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in the Republic of Serbia.


Progress report was presented to number of service providers across the country, predominantly from the health sector, but also from national institutions, international organizations and civil society organizations.