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23 December 2015

Health needs paramount as refugees and migrants stream through Serbia

SID, Serbia – Every day, thousands of refugees and migrants stream through Serbia, one leg of their perilous journey towards safety and stability.

Ageing  Strategy Serbia

3 December 2015

Evaluation of National Strategy on Ageing (2006-2015) and recommendations for the new document

Population ageing is the most significant demographic trend in Serbia, with 17.3 per cent of its citizens being 65 years or over and highest median age of population among South East European neighbors.

Serbia volunteer Mihailo Mandic

19 August 2014

Celebrating UNFPA’s humanitarian heroes

BELGRADE – Mihailo Mandic became a volunteer when he realized that people in his country needed help following severe flooding.


National Strategy on Ageing in Serbia
National Strategy on Ageing in Serbia


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A regional overview supplementing UNFPA’s State of World Population 2015

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