Evaluation of Implementation of the National Strategy on Ageing of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, 2006-2007 and Proposals for the New Strategic Framework

Report from round tables

No. of pages: 42

Publication date: January 2016

Author: Slavica Milojevic, Lidija Kozarcanin

The process of evaluation of the National Strategy on Ageing 2006-2015 (hereinafter NSA) began by organizing four round tables where more than 120 participants. Representatives of academia and professional public, as well as practitioners from public, civil and private sectors in the fields of social protection, healthcare, education, employment and judiciary, both from the local and the national levels, discussed the current experiences and challenges in the Strategy implementation, examined difficulties and obstacles in achieving certain goals and objectives, and issued recommendations for improvement of further strategic planning in the area of ageing.

The final results and conclusions of these round tables show that all the participants from all regions of Serbia are united in their position that certain steps forward were made in all ten strategic directions of the NSA, but the overall implementation process went slower than it was planned and expected. 
Evaluation of NSA was conducted in 2015, with joint efforts of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, National Institute for Social Protection, UNDESA and UNFPA.